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Greece - Albania

Greece - Albania: Vacancies in the Joint Secretariat

The Managing Authority (Μ.Α.) of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, with the support of the Management Organization Unit of Development Programmes (M.O.U. S.A.) , issues a public call for expression of interest, in order to proceed with the recruitment of  staff for 2 positions  in  the Joint Secretariat (J.S.) of the Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece - Albania 2014 - 2020”, as foreseen in the Ministerial Decree 300539/YD1605/14-04-2016 of the Hellenic Ministry of Economy, Development & Tourism (Official Journal 1453/Β/24-05-2016)

Call for the expression of interest

Establishment of the Joint Secretariat

Cooperation Programme

ΚΥΑ συγκρότησης ΚΓ

Greece - Albania: 2nd Call for Project Proposals - Information Note

The 2nd Call for Project Proposals was officially closed on the 14/10/2016. 

More information on the closure of the 2nd Call for Project Proposals are available here.

Greece - Albania: New extension of the submission deadline for the 2nd Call for Proposals

The deadline for the submission of Project Proposals under the 2nd Call has been further extended.

The new deadline is 14/10/2016, 16:00 local time.

This deadline concerns the RECEIPT OF THE PROJECT PROPOSAL at the premises of the JS!


Greece - Albania & BalkanMed: Running for Cooperation in EC Day 2016!

Interreg IPA CBC GRALB 02 01 interreg Balkan Mediterranean fund EN 01

The Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme “Greece – Albania” and the transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg V-B “Balkan – Mediterranean” participate in the 2016 version of European Cooperation Day (EC Day) by organizing a Running Race from Kristallopigi in Greece to Billisht in Albania on Sunday, 25th September 2016, at 12:00 noon Greek Time.

A maximum of 100 athletes from both countries will be able to participate, covering a total distance of 11 km, passing through the Greek-Albanian borders.

For participating in the race please register here

Due to the limited number of participants and the symblic character of the event we urge you to register responsively. Please note that, following the electronic registration, the organisers will contact you to confirm the participation. Only then your participation will be validated!

Transport facility from Bilisht (termination point) to Kristallopigi (starting point) will be offered

  • for the Albanian athletes at 09:00 (Albanian Time); and
  • for the Greek athletes at 14:00 (Albanian Time)

All travel documents shall be submitted in original to the organisers during the athletes’ registration at Kristallopigi:

  • Valid passport for the Albanian athletes/ participants; and
  • Valid passport or ID (with the name indicated in Latin characters) for the Greek athletes/ participants:

Participating athletes are personally responsible for fulfilling the conditions for their entrance in the countries hosting the event.


Invitation - GR

Invitation - EN



Greece - Albania: Extension of the submission deadline for the 2nd Call for Proposals

The deadline for the submission of Project Proposals under the 2nd Call has been extended.

The new deadline is 30/09/2016

If the signed Project Proposal is submitted by registered mail or private courier service, only the stamp indicating the postal date proves that the Project Proposal has been submitted within the above deadline. In this case, the MA/ JS will accept only those project proposal, submitted within the deadline, which be received up to five (5) working days after hte deadline, which is 07/10/2016.