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November 2012



The first ten months of 2012 was a tough but particularly creative period for the Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, as ETC Programmes are now in an advanced state of implementation. Therefore, the managing Authority is approaching the end of 2012 with the following priority targets:

  • Creation of sustainable partnerships with the National and Regional Authorities, at the Operational Programme level, and among final beneficiaries at project level.
  • The formation and implementation of effective and innovative projects and best practices (in terms of outputs and impacts) in all European Territorial Cooperation Programmes.
  • The achievement of the N+3 Rule in all cross-border Operational Programmes it is managing.


Towards this direction, the Managing Authority took the following steps during 2012:

  • It has activated more than 50% of the budget of the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes it is managing. 
  • It organised meetings for the annual common planning of actions, with the National Authorities of all cross-border Operational Programmes.
  • It organised Monitoring Committee meetings for the Programmes “Greece-Cyprus” and “Greece-Italy” and Project Selection/ Evaluation Committee meetings for the Programmes “Greece-Cyprus” and “Greece-The former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia”. Additionally, it is planning to organise Monitoring Committee meetings for all the other Programmes it is managing by the end of this year.
  • It organised Info Days and seminars for the final beneficiaries in the eligible territories of Greece, as well as in the partner countries for the Calls that it launched within 2012. The evaluations of proposals, under the various Calls published, are being completed according to schedule and a predefined methodology.
  • It organised meetings with all final beneficiaries for the monitoring and acceleration of implementation of projects of all Programmes.
  • It formulated the methodology of the Calls for the Strategic Projects of the cross-border Operational Programmes “Greece-Bulgaria”, “Greece-Cyprus”, “Greece-Italy” and “Greece-Albania” and organised consultation meetings,  to set common priority themes, with Regions, Decentralized Administrations and Ministries and neighbouring countries. The launching of all the Calls for Strategic Projects is scheduled by the end of 2012.
  • It upgraded and redesigned its own website (http://www.interreg.gr) into a more user-friendly version, where the user can find information about all cross-border Operational Programmes. It has activated websites for all cross-border Programmes it is managing (the websites dedicated to the “Greece-Italy” and “Greece-Albania” Programmes are going to be launched within November).
  • It initiated, based on the MA’s programming of activities, the formulation of our corporate identity and this year it launched the MA’s internal rules of procedures, formulation of the organisation’s chart and certification according to ISO.
  • It will complete the procurement procedures for the on-going evaluation and publicity programme of all cross-border Operational Programmes it is managing within 2012.
  • It accelerated and completes within 2012 the staffing procedures of the Joint Technical Secretariats of all Programmes it is managing.
  • It initiated the elaboration of a Strategy of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes for 2014-2020, and by the end of the year, it will form task force teams to consult with all National Authorities of partner countries in order to draft the OPs for the next programming period.  For this purpose, it will prepare a convention of best practice projects to take place in 2013.


George Emmanuel
Head of the Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes

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