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Greece - Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia

Greece - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: 3rd Joint Monitoring Committee meeting

The 3rd meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Interreg IPA CBC "Greece-rthe former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2014-2020" Cooperation Programme was held in Strumica on the 31st March 2017. The Programme's Joint Steering Committe met on the 30 March 2017/

Decisions of the Joint Monitoring Committee

Decisions of the Joint Steering Committee

List of approved Project per Axis


Greece - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013: Announcement of participants in a summer architectural workshop

Fourteen -14- students of Architecture Schools are going to participate in the Summer Architecture Workshop in the Municipality of Almopia. The workshop is an effort of connecting the contemporary architecture with the local development, aiming at the exploration of the History and the Nature of Almopia with small scale interventions. The theme of the workshop is “Architecture and Enjoyment” and the students will be encouraged to act as spatial analysts and explorers/visitors of Almopia.

After the Open Invitation that was sent to all Architecture Schools of the two countries and was uploaded in the website of the Municipality of Almopia, in the portal of the project www.lhilna.eu and in the Programme's website www.ipa-cbc-programme.eu, the fourteen students were selected.

Announcement of results

Greece - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013: Opening of two Business Development Centers in the framework of MICROSTARS project

The MICROSTARS project activated the opening of the two Business Development Services Centers in Thessaloniki and Kilkis.

Very small enterprises (occupying up to 10 employees), small ones (up to 50 employees), people (young, women, unemployed) wishing to start their own business, may visit the BDS offices, in order to receive information, regarding the free of charge services that are being offered by the microSTARS project, aiming at the enhancement of their competitiveness.

Please find more infromation at the Newsletter issued.

Greece - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013: Announcement for the implementation of a training program in the framework of PARK project

Life Long Learning (Level 2) Center of Central Macedonia Region – Regional Unit of Serres, in the framework of project PARK, announces the implementation of the training program "Management of SMEs" for participants from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.


Greece - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013: Open Call for Architecture students in the framework of LHI-LNA II project

In the framework of the cross border project “Living History Living Nature II”, the Municipality of Almopia organizes a 7-day summer workshop in Almopia for students of Architecture Schools. Nine students from Greece and five students from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia will be hosted for seven days in Almopia, studying, exploring, researching and proposing interventions related to its historical and natural heritage under the guidance of two mentors.

The theme of the workshop is “Architecture and Enjoyment” and introduces a new approach focusing on small scale interventions in the sites that constitute the “Roads of Living History and Living Nature” that will both attract visitors and unveil their core character.

Please note that there is no financial contribution by the participants.    

Open Call